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Microsoft PowerPoint Online Certification Course

The Microsoft PowerPoint Online Certification Course teaches you how to create awesome presentations. It starts with the basics, showing you how to use MS PowerPoint and make slides that look good. You'll learn cool tricks like adding pictures, videos, and making things move on your slides. The course also covers making charts and graphs to show off your data in a clear way. You'll discover how to make your presentations accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities. Plus, you'll pick up tips on how to present confidently and keep your audience interested. By the end of the course, you'll be a PowerPoint pro, ready to impress your boss, clients, or classmates with your awesome presentations. And the best part? Tyariexamki providing certificate to prove your skills!

What will you learn

 Enhanced Presentation Skills

The course helps you craft professional and engaging presentations. You'll learn to use PowerPoint effectively, making your slides visually appealing and easy to understand.

 Career Advancement Opportunities

Earning certification showcases your PowerPoint skills, boosting your resume and opening doors to new job opportunities or promotions. Employers value professionals who can deliver compelling presentations that leave a lasting impact.

 Flexibility and Accessibility

Since it's an online course, you can learn whenever and wherever works best for you. This flexibility allows you to balance learning with your other commitments, making skill improvement accessible to all.

  • Live Class on ZOOM by Top Mentors
  • 1 Year Complete Access of Live Recorded
  • Instant Solve Your Query in Live Class
  • Full Access on Mobile, PC, Tablet and TV
  • Live Doubt Session on Weekly and Monthly Basis
  • Instant Support through WhatsApp, email and Telegram
  • Downloadable Class Notes, Forms and Study Material
  • Training on Real Data with Real Clients ( Practical Course )


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Overview of the software and its features
Understanding the PowerPoint interface and navigation

Creating new slides & adding content (text, images, shapes, charts, etc.)
Managing slide layouts and slide master.

Formatting text (font, size, color, alignment, etc.)
Inserting, resizing, and editing images and graphics
Adding and modifying shapes and SmartArt

Applying pre-designed themes to enhance the look of your presentation
Customizing themes and creating your own design templates

Adding slide transitions to create smooth visual effects between slides
Applying animations to text and objects for dynamic presentations

Embedding videos and audio files into slides
Controlling multimedia playback and settings

Creating and customizing charts to visualize data effectively
Importing data from Excel and other sources

Slide Show and Presentation Delivery

Collaborating with others on presentations
Sharing presentations online or via email

Advanced Features
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